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Over at Scale I’ve just posted a few links about the Bristol Bloodhound Surface-to-Air-Missile. In the process I found this page, about the Thunderbird. A rival/ contemporary of the Bloodhound, the Thunderbird was designed to move with troops to give them anti-air cover in the field where the Bloodhound was for point defence of fixed positions.

Bloodhound Gang

Today I finally received the Airfix Bristol Bloodhound model I won on EBay a month and a half ago (it did have to come surface mail from the States). I don’t know where this fits into the to-do pile of kits, but thought some reference photos were required.

The APMA has this page and some pictures of completed versions of the kit, and other Bristol aircraft, on this page.

A shot from the Transport Archive of a Bloodhound on the Woomera proving grounds. It might be worth trying to reproduce the circular base it’s mounted on- they’re shown on the box art as well.

Another picture of a preserved Bloodhound.

Two Bloodhounds and lots of other aircraft on this page.

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originally uploaded by spinneyhead.

Bike hire for manchester city centre, facilitated by mobile phone.

I wonder how many of there will end up in the canal, as in amsterdam, and recent experience makes me hope they’re well secured.

But i don’t mean to sound negative. I hope this is a success. Proving that cycling in the city can be a commercial opportunity will do wonders for the cause.
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