Daily archives: September 24, 2005

Davy Crockett

Part of the insanity of the Cold War, the Davy Crockett gun and W54 warhead gave atomic capability to the grunts on the ground. Yields varied from 0.01 to 1 kilotons, though with a maximum range of 2.49 the larger version must have been a suicide shot.

I’m thinking of using a Davy Crockett in a coming comic- an alternative history tale where Berlin was nuked at the end of WW2 and Cold War tensions are that little bit harsher. I might also model it. This guy put a lot of work into his Davy Crockett on the back of an M151A1D. Maybe he should have just got the kit from Sharkit.

It's for cleaning the toilets, honest

The US Army is bulk buying Anthrax. Now, if that meant they were purchasing lots of dodgy metal albums it would be okay, but you know that’s not the case.

One “biological services” contract specifies: “The company must have the ability and be willing to grow Bacillus anthracis Sterne strain at 1500-litre quantities.” Other contracts are for fermentation equipment for producing 3000-litre batches of an unspecified biological agent, and sheep carcasses to test the efficiency of an incinerator for the disposal of infected livestock.

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Greening the Tories

Michael Ancram, former Conservative party leadership contender and possible pretender to the throne, says that all the other runners for leadership of the UK’s third party are ignoring the coming energy crisis.

Mr Ancram added: “Some politicians dismiss the energy crisis as a hyped green agenda. It is not.

“Our political system will be severely challenged the day a British citizen turns on the light switch and nothing happens or switches on the kettle and the kettle stays cold.”

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