Daily archives: September 27, 2005

Robot Crusoe

A robotic treasure hunter has found the haul of the century on Robinson Crusoe Island- named for the book that was inspired by the story of a sailor stranded there.

According to legend, a fabulous treasure haul was buried on the island in 1715 by Spanish sailor Juan Esteban Ubilla-Echeverria. The bounty is said to have been discovered a few years later by British sailor Cornelius Webb, who reburied it on another part of the island.

By some estimates the haul would include 800 barrels of gold ingots, silver pieces, gems and other riches worth up to $10 billion.

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Annual weather forecasts

Draft legislation would require the Prime Minister to give annual updateson the UK’s progress in cutting greenhouse gases.

Last week, a report from academics at Sussex and Southampton Universities and Imperial College London said that micro-renewables hold great promise, but were fighting on an uneven playing field.

“Our research shows that some basic changes in regulations could make a significant difference,” said study leader Dr Jim Watson from Sussex University.

“This is a classic ‘chicken and egg’ problem that needs some government intervention and up-front investment to achieve a breakthrough.”

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