Daily archives: October 10, 2005

Nuclear power PR campaign debunked

Anti-nuclear activists have replied to advocates of nuclear power with a comprehensively damning report, “Nuclear power – no solution to climate change”.


The report says that a doubling of nuclear power output by 2050 would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by just 5%, while increasing the hazards of potential nuclear accidents, terrorism, nuclear proliferation and the still unsolved problem of waste storage. The report outlines that the solutions to greenhouse gas emissions from energy production lie in energy efficiency and renewable energy generation, such as in wind, bio-energy, solar and tidal power.

Pretty much what I’ve been saying.

More at Gigajoules

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Everything gets smaller with age

Everest is 12 feet lower than previously thought, according to a Chinese team that measured the height of its peak.

Their survey determined that the mountain was 29,017 feet, or 12 feet smaller than it was measured to be 30 years ago, said Chen Bangzhu, a spokesman with the Chinese State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping.

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Give me gin and tonic

Japan has successfully tested a prototype model of a planned supersonic airliner.

An 11-metre scale model was launched by rocket from the Woomera test site in the Australian desert.

It separated from the rocket as planned at about 18,000 metres (59,400 feet) for a 15-minute test flight at twice the speed of sound.

Three years ago a similar test at Woomera ended in failure with the model crashing in flames.

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