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I bought my sister a camera on Saturday. I wasn’t being too extravagant, it only cost £4.50.

She’s studying photography and has an urge to get some vintage cameras, preferrably Soviet ones. So, when I saw a batch of old cameras in the Age Concern window I texted her a photo and she said “I want that one!”

A quick once over in the shop proved that the shutter worked and there wasn’t a single automatic thing on the little beast (it’s a Beirette, made in East Germany). It also showed that there was an exposed and rewound film in the camera. Keeping quiet about this, I paid up and wandered off with my prize.

The film is Kodachrome 64, a film so rare it is only officially developed in three places in the world. However, the cost of developing was included in the price of the film, so I can satisfy my curiousity for the price of a package to Switzerland.

Watch this space for news on what, erm, develops.


You know, I was suggesting something like this on Sunday. A mobmov is a “drive in that drives in”, taking video projectors and radio transmitters to a location then projecting films onto convenient walls.

Is MobMov a “Guerilla Drive-in” or not?
Of course we are! We most closely resemble and revere the Santa Cruz Guerilla Drive-in. But we’ve gone beyond that original concept. In a traditional GDI like Santa Cruz, a bunch of guys would haul out a projector, some marine batteries, a screen, and some speakers to a park. Everyone in the know would in turn bring blankets and sit down. This is a very cool thing to do, but it’s not a “drive-in” in most senses of the term. Our goal was to create a true “drive-in” experience by enclosing the projector and an FM transmitter inside a car. Participants drive in to a parking lot, tune their radios, and watch their favorite flick from the comfort of their car. As far as we know, we’re the first ones to attempt this (or not).

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Odd, because they always seemed to be defrauding me

Errors and fraud in the benefits system is so major that losses are rounded to the nearest half billion when reported. I’m not going to argue that the system is shit and designed to make mistakes, but somehow it never screwed up in my favour in all the time I was on the dole.

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