I bought my sister a camera on Saturday. I wasn’t being too extravagant, it only cost £4.50.

She’s studying photography and has an urge to get some vintage cameras, preferrably Soviet ones. So, when I saw a batch of old cameras in the Age Concern window I texted her a photo and she said “I want that one!”

A quick once over in the shop proved that the shutter worked and there wasn’t a single automatic thing on the little beast (it’s a Beirette, made in East Germany). It also showed that there was an exposed and rewound film in the camera. Keeping quiet about this, I paid up and wandered off with my prize.

The film is Kodachrome 64, a film so rare it is only officially developed in three places in the world. However, the cost of developing was included in the price of the film, so I can satisfy my curiousity for the price of a package to Switzerland.

Watch this space for news on what, erm, develops.