You know, I was suggesting something like this on Sunday. A mobmov is a “drive in that drives in”, taking video projectors and radio transmitters to a location then projecting films onto convenient walls.

Is MobMov a “Guerilla Drive-in” or not?
Of course we are! We most closely resemble and revere the Santa Cruz Guerilla Drive-in. But we’ve gone beyond that original concept. In a traditional GDI like Santa Cruz, a bunch of guys would haul out a projector, some marine batteries, a screen, and some speakers to a park. Everyone in the know would in turn bring blankets and sit down. This is a very cool thing to do, but it’s not a “drive-in” in most senses of the term. Our goal was to create a true “drive-in” experience by enclosing the projector and an FM transmitter inside a car. Participants drive in to a parking lot, tune their radios, and watch their favorite flick from the comfort of their car. As far as we know, we’re the first ones to attempt this (or not).

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  • Brian

    Some girl’s car got modded to do this on the single episode of Pimp My Ride that I’ve seen (with excetion of the FM transmitter).