Daily archives: October 19, 2005

Strength in numbers for planetary exploration

A team of space scientists is suggesting a move away from one shot special missions toward flotillas of simple probes that would cover larger areas of planets.

The sensors sent down to the surface might each be as small as a coin and contain only a detector for heat or moisture. That would allow the missions to answer specific questions, such as whether water occasionally trickles down the sides of the Red Planet’s “grand canyon”, Valles Marineris, says Dohm.

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Drunk in Dubrovnik

At Ian’s request, here is my holiday post.

Have been in Dubrovnik and the surrounding area for a few days now and can definitely recommend Croatia as a holiday destination.

Dubrovnik itself is very picturesque and would be in several hundred of my photographs by now, if only my camera hadn’t decided to misfunction. Its a definite incentive to move away from digital technology to the older, more reliable sort.

Yesterday was spent on an excursion organised by the travel company (at extra cost of course!) to the neighbouring country of Montenegro and we have a similar trip planned to Bosnia-Herzogovenia on Saturday.

Montenegro was also well worth visiting, but we were a little constrained by the timetable, so didn’t get to spend as much time as we wanted in some of the towns on the way.

With our itinerary beginning to sound like a whistlestop tour of the Eurovision Song Contest, we’ve decided to stay domestic for tomorrow, and have a look at some of the local islands.

In the meantime, I can report that Croatia produces a very nice dark beer and some pretty good wines. The food is also of a high standard, and not too expensive either. So, rather than type any more, I’m off to find more food and drink.