Daily archives: October 21, 2005

Sex and the long distance astronaut

sex and “romantic entanglements” could hinder and even endanger long duration space missions, according to a panel of US researchers. Earth based simulations of spaceship style living have ended in sexual harassment and brawls, though that may just have been the Russians playing up.

But he says sex may also benefit missions by creating “a sense of stability or normalisation”. Ellison agrees, saying sex or masturbation could help alleviate boredom and anxiety on the long, lonely journeys through space.

“It could help or hinder, depending on how many people you’ve got, their relationship, and what it means to them,” she told New Scientist.

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A bike with all mod cons

The Aerorider is being touted as the ultimate commuter bike, though I reckon the extra width and length would be counter productive (but then I commute along Europe’s busiest bus route, perhaps on a normal road you wouldn’t have to heft your bike around other vehicles as much). I see it more as the ultimate touring bike instead. In fact it would probably be better with the built in electric motor removed, unless they’ll allow it charge a dynamo and/ or solar cells for those multi day rides.

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Does anyone know of any cheap workshop space in manchester? The idea would be to use it for larger modelling projects, scale products and some craft projects all of which would, of course, be documented on the spinneyhead family. Proximity to withington would be a bonus, as the allotment has shown the disincentive of travelling too far. (on the allotment front, i have visited it this week and done some work, expect an update on dig. Now that it’s on my route home from work it will get more attention.)


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The new wing of the arndale opened yesterday, so i went and had a look. The acres of glass offer lots of opportunities for photos but the shops, as you’d expect, weren’t so inspiring. I may use next for work shirts and ties but i’m not about to establish my look based upon its goods. I did look at a cafetiere set for a while before deciding i could get it cheaper elsewhere.

There’s also a nike store but i found myself with a vampire like inability to cross the threshold. It might have been the impending presence of rio ferdinand- the other united player who looks like the missing link- or the swoosh could be the mark of the devil. Either way, i’m off to buy some etnies because they’re far more attractive.
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