Daily archives: October 23, 2005


If you haven’t seen Serenity yet I recommend you get out there and do it now. It’s the only film I’ve paid full price for in the year and a half since the Orange Wednesday two-for-one deal started.

This guy is scratchbuilding a model of the Serenity spaceship, originally with a deadline of the September 29th, but now he’s aiming for the end of the month.

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Magazine Review: Scale Models Collector International

SMI celebrates its 36th birthday with the issue I picked up, doing so with a change in layout and direction and the addition of Collector to the title. There is a section devoted to slot cars, which I appreciated despite never having owned a Scalextric set, The model builds vary between one and four pages and are pitched at the moderately experienced modeller.

There is one problem with the magazine. They really need a better copy editor, particularly on the news and new releases pages, and some of the inset images are on top of the text, blocking it completely. Both of these are failings that shouldn’t be happening in a magazine of this vintage. If they’re looking for someone to catch these problems, they can always employ me.

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