Daily archives: October 26, 2005

I want to build my bicycle

I’m telling you, I need a shed, or a workshop or garage, somewhere I could make something like the Groundhugger XR2. Clare has fibre-glassing experience and I’m fairly good with the tools. And then we could tackle some of the other build-it-yourself projects from this site. I think a one man sub would be cool.

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Red Team

The Design Council’s Red Project aims to find ways for homes to become less energy intensive and combat climate change.

One third of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions come from residential households. Householders could reduce this by making their houses more efficient, generating their own energy, switching suppliers or simply switching off.

We think people need a bit of well designed help. Bills are confusing, energy use is invisible and installations are tedious.

Our project proposes new products, services and policies to help householders save energy – and reduce C02 emissions.

Here’s our design-for-energy manifesto. We want YOU to take a look and tell us what you think needs to happen.

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big wheel

big wheel
big wheel,
originally uploaded by spinneyhead.

I went on the big wheel this morning. For a team meeting.

The need to do a task detracted from the experience because we couldn’t enjoy the view, but it was still an interesting diversion.

Deep down (oh, alright, not so deep down) i’m not suited to office work any more. I can’t quite explain why, it’s just the way i’ve become. I’d much rather be at my computer or in a shed, crafting bizarre links and strange sculptures for the world to enjoy. Still, events like this are pleasantly different.
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