Models reflect the world in more ways than you'd think

A couple of news items featuring models but also about the real world artifacts they represent.

Whilst at the Ski and Board show yesterday I came across this model for the Whistler Resort development.

I’ve always been fascinated by architectural models. Part of me would like to have a go at making some and part of me wants to get my hands on an old one and kitbash all sorts of strange and lurid add ons into it. I confused the man on the stall by asking who had built the model- a company called AB Scale Models of Vancouver. They don’t seem to have a web presence, but I did find this news item about a boom in the Vancouver architectural modelling community that reflected the city’s housing boom.

It’s a jarring turnabout for a profession that by its nature demands patience and painstaking attention to detail. For years local model builders relied on foreign clients to keep their employees working in glue and bits of plastic. But the rush on pre-sales of condominium complexes in jacking up the local demand for miniature version of yet-to-be-built buildings.

Elsewhere, Audi fans are taking the appearance of a 1:43rd scale model of an as yet not officially announced car as further evidence of its existence. (via Jalopnik)

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