the plot thickens

The police vans have gone now, but when i went out at lunch there were police in the reception of a couple of co-op buildings and i swear i saw a couple, with torches, heading in the direction of the basement. It all makes me a little paranoid.
I’ve not worked in a big corporation’s building for a few years. It’s possible this sort of thing happens all the time nowadays. Go on, somebody reassure me.

0 thoughts on “the plot thickens

  • Damian

    We had a bomb scare in our building one morning. The first we knew about it was when someone turned up late because they wouldn’t let her in. The police and bomb disposal squad had evacuated the ground and first floor.

    Meanwhile, up on the 6th where we work, life was contining in blissful ignorance. As far as we can work out, the bomb warning signal for the upper levels is “Bang!”.

  • MT

    the basement of the CIS tower houses the archives and the canteen. Maybe the police could smell doughnuts…