Daily archives: November 4, 2005


I’m still hankering after a shed or garage. Does anyone know if you can get mini portacabins? Something that would fit in a parking space would be ideal, a trailer would be perfect. It would have to be quite secure, obviously. I’d probably light it with a solar/wind up lantern and not worry too much about heating it. And when we finally move to somewhere with a proper garage it can go to the allotment as a shed.


Get your own pet zombie, to stick in a corner and scare yourself with whilst walking around the house late at night.

Life-Size semi poseable Zombies with metal armature comes complete with Bust, Hands, Body Form, complete costume, and stand ready for any graveyard or any Living dead scene. Beautifully detailed and ready to devour anything in their paths. Very soon each Zombie will be complete with a limited edition “Death Certificate” to display on your mantel

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