I’m still hankering after a shed or garage. Does anyone know if you can get mini portacabins? Something that would fit in a parking space would be ideal, a trailer would be perfect. It would have to be quite secure, obviously. I’d probably light it with a solar/wind up lantern and not worry too much about heating it. And when we finally move to somewhere with a proper garage it can go to the allotment as a shed.

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  • Ikl

    Would have thought so… I seem to remember in the AutoTrader plant/machinery section you do get some strange stuff for sale… worth a browse if you’re in WHSmith.

  • Ian

    Slightly larger than a parking space, and I don’t know how you’d get it round the back of the house (though the same goes for a trailer as well.) Are we talking a shipping crate type thing, with fairly secure doors?

  • wildmink

    Well it would be the cheapest, most secure option and can easily be transported should you want it somewhere else. Needs an angle grinder to break into it and secures with a padlock of your choice. Also depends on what your landlords have said you can have in the garden. I couldn’t possibly say without seeing the garden.

  • Ian

    No garden, just a large-ish concreted space for residents’ parking. In truth the thing wouldn’t fit down the narrow gap there is to get to the parking area. And the landlord would have a tantrum.
    It’s a shame. £15 a week would be worth it just to have somewhere secure and relatively dry to store my bikes.