Daily archives: November 10, 2005

call for artists

I’m still looking for artists to help on my web comics. I’m going to wrap deputised experts up with a very brief all cg epilogue. I’ll return to the characters in the new year. My next project is the berlin job, an alternate history tale. I’ve got it plotted at 60 pages and i’ve started doing the layouts. This is going to be much more hand drawn, with computer aid for the finishing and possibly colouring. I’ve also got ideas for an adult comic done in cg for mary tales and i’m learning how to use poser just for it.
But i have more ideas, far more than i could hope to draw myself. So i’m looking for collaborators, specifically for a project called ‘mongrels’. It’s a post singularity tale of the cyborgs who keep the peace between humanity and the machines. I’ll script, you’ll draw. At the very least you’ll get something for your portfolio, but there’ll also be a share of subscription and advertising income.


General Dwight D. Eisenhower, Supreme Allied Commander, accompanied by Gen. Omar N. Bradley, and Lt. Gen. George S.Patton, Jr., inspects art treasures stolen by Germans and hidden in salt mine in Germany, from NA 1945/04/12

Click for a larger image. Research for my next planned webcomic “The Berlin Job”. From this page.

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