Daily archives: November 14, 2005

Climate Camp

With the government failing and unable to take action on the greatest issue facing our planet, climate chaos, we have to create a grass roots solution

A huge camp is being organised to bring people together to:

* provide information on climate change and its causes
* take action against climate change
* share and live practical solutions
* network with other people campaigning on all the aspects of climate change

The camp will be in the North of England next summer, and organisation is starting noe. If you are concerned about crazy weather and want to start taking action – join us!

Everyone is invited to get involved and come to a public meeting 11am – 6pm 14th January at Bridge 5 Mill, 22a Beswick St, Manchester.

Accommodation is available if you contact us in advance. Please also contact us about any access, dietary or creche needs.

For directions to Bridge 5 Mill see www.bridge-5.org/map.htm

Email: climatecamp@yahoo.co.uk

from UK Indymedia

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Blended wing planes 20% more efficient

Not only do they look futuristic as anything but blended wing plane designs could have 20% lower fuel consumption and be less noisy for the people they passed over because of the engines’ placement on top of the wing. NASA engineers believe they are close to overcoming all the stability issues inherent in a blended wing’s lack of a tail, using curved flaps along the edge of each wing and rudders on each wingtip and have tested a 5% scale model of the design in a wind tunnel.

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cyclist intuition

At cross junctions with traffic lights, if there are more than three cars in a row not indicating right or left then at least one of them is lying. Why are people too lazy to use the indicators? It would be okay on an empty country road where there was noone to signal to, but on a busy city street they’re just hindering other road users and being a nuisance and a danger.
Equally, indicating left whilst behind a cyclist then overtaking and cutting them up is just as stupid. If i can’t see the signal it’s as useless as no signal.
I witnessed both of these this morning and was the cyclist who was cut up. It’s time for a campaign calling for less brain dead driving.