cyclist intuition

At cross junctions with traffic lights, if there are more than three cars in a row not indicating right or left then at least one of them is lying. Why are people too lazy to use the indicators? It would be okay on an empty country road where there was noone to signal to, but on a busy city street they’re just hindering other road users and being a nuisance and a danger.
Equally, indicating left whilst behind a cyclist then overtaking and cutting them up is just as stupid. If i can’t see the signal it’s as useless as no signal.
I witnessed both of these this morning and was the cyclist who was cut up. It’s time for a campaign calling for less brain dead driving.

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  • Tim

    Whilst I agree with most of what you are saying Ian, I think there should also be a test for cyclists as well.

    Cyclists are allowed on the streets without so much as passing the highway code and the amount of cyclists going through Red Lights (and almost causing accidents) is also rediculous.

    Both types of road user are a pest and sometimes downright dangerous. Education is required on both sides.

    How about a refresher test every X years for both parties.

  • Ian

    The return of cycling proficiency would be a good start. I did it at primary school. Learning to cycle safely in the country didn’t teach me anything about the problems of city cycling, but I learnt basic bike control.

    The red light runners should be punished, but I see more cars and buses go through red lights, or speed up to get through ambers, than I do cyclists, so it cuts both ways

    I think more thorough policing of the traffic laws, and major publicising of the policing, would be a good start.

  • tim

    I am surprised that at the moment we only have speed cameras. Surely the technology could be modified to get those Bas**%^s at the old trafford roundabout that use the right turning lane to go straight on and cause problems with the queuing on the other side of the road.

  • ian j

    apparently most of the bar staff at the oxford road union think that “has a strong ally in the force” is in the person specification for safety bus driver….. so far i’ve avoided trouble but i think it maybe amatter of time before someone’s idiocy puts me into a situation i can’t handle….