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Time for some PC advice

I need a new computer. Luckily enough I can actually afford to buy one. It’s just that the options are so varied. I know what I want to do and I think I’ve got an idea of what I need, but I’ll list the criteria here and see if anyone has any better ideas.

Mostly I want to do graphics- the comics and photo stuff, video editing and 3d. Poser isn’t a Maya level 3d engine, but it does use raytracing in the new version’s renders. It’s getting a bit much waiting 4 hours for a preview render only to discover I’ve got the hair colour wrong. I’m not that fussed about gaming at the moment, and I’m more likely to play real time strategy than first person shooters, but it would be nice to shoot things every so often.

So I reckon processor power, RAM and hard disk space are very important factors. An external drive for backups might also be a good investment. A nice, large flat screen monitor. I don’t need a bundled camera, scanner or printer (crap as the current printer is being at the moment), because I’ll pick my own when I want to get them. And on-site warranty would be nice.

Not a lot to ask for, really. Any suggestions anyone? I have to sort it out by Christmas as well, because that’s when I’ve promised my parents they can have my current one.

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death and mutilation to scallies

death and mutilation to scallies
death and mutilation to scallies,
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This time i’m really angry. When i had the wheel and seat stolen it was understandable. A rather pathetic piece of crime, but understandable.

Last night the little shits came back and, discovering they couldn’t have another free wheel, decided to vandalise my bike. They cut the cables, the chain and the spokes of the back wheel.

I am seriously pissed off.
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Old tech, new tables

Two rather gorgeous examples of recycling the most unexpected stuff as furniture.

The hard drive coffee table.

The Hard Drive Coffee Table top is an original 26″ diameter hard drive platter from an early storage device (circa 1970). The center hub of the platter is solid aluminum. The custom-created pedestal is also solid aluminum; a cylinder measuring 5.9″ in diameter and 18.5″ in length. It has a machined top and bottom to fit into the hard drive hub and base, respectively. The base is a solid aluminum 12″ diameter, 1.75″ high round obtained from a now-defunct government laboratory. Four bolts are screwed into tapped holes in the pedestal in order to secure the hard drive platter and the pedestal is press-fit into the base. It is covered with standard 1/4″ table glass. The completed design measures 19.5″ high and weighs 64 pounds.

The small bomb table.

The first time you ever heard the phrase “smart bomb”, you might have wondered what a “dumb bomb” was, or if one even existed. Well, they do, and the Mk-81 is an example of an old-fashioned dumb bomb. While they last saw action in the Vietnam War, they are sure to see plenty of action near your bar, in your game room, or even as a conversation piece in the living room of as the perfect end table for an aviation enthusiast.The Mk-81 Small Bomb table comes with a tempered glass top.

via BoingBoing and Treehugger

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Biodiesel as recycling

Treehugger throws down the challenge, not specifically for the Renewable Transport Fuels Obligation but for all, to do really joined up thinking when it comes to adopting biofuels and incorporate recycling rather than just growing stuff specifically to produce fuel. This is what I meant to say at the end of my post about RTFO but forgot to.

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