Scale Aircraft Modelling

I picked this up mainly because it had an article about the TSR.2 and I’ve ordered the upcoming Airfix kit. the article gave a potted history of the failed project and backed it up with 1:72nd scale drawings so now I know just how much space I’m going to need for the model. The plane is depicted with the leg of the front wheel extended in an extreme nose up attitude designed to help short take offs. It’s tempting to model it this way, but god knows how much weight I’m going to need in the nose.

Other features included the evolution of the Zero fighter, and a round up of various models of it, and lots of full colour paint scheme illustrations. The F-16s are the dullest of the bunch in different shades of grey.

The magazine is rounded out with reviews and short build articles, previews of upcoming product and an end page opinion piece that returns to the TSR.2.

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