sign of the times

sign of the times
sign of the times,
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I spotted this bogle sign succumbing to the elements on a pole by the tram tracks. It’s done well to last since march.

It’s rumoured there won’t be a bogle next year. Which is a shame. I was thinking of cycling it again (until my bike got vandalised. Anything good enough to ride 70+ miles on wouldn’t last long outdoors.)

apparently rag can’t get enough volunteers these days, which is sad. I’m almost inclined to suggest some sort of old farts rag to utilise the experience of we old hacks who can’t help but turn up to events. I don’t know exactly what we’d do, mind, probably stand around and talk about how things were done in our day.

Which would be no different to what we do now, to be honest.
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0 thoughts on “sign of the times

  • ian j

    that’s been up a lot longer than since last march …. i think hippy put it up 3 years ago, which is why no-one can get it down…..

  • Ian

    In that case it’s one I helped put up. I had an inkling, but I couldn’t believe it was still there after so long.