"We need nuclear like a hole in the head"

Michael Meacher says what I’ve been thinking about Blair’s headlong charge toward new nuclear power stations.

Today Mr Meacher, a champion of renewable energy, said: “I fear that David King has really taken on the role of spin doctor by suggesting that there is no other way by which we can meet our carbon reduction target under the Kyoto protocol.”

“That is completely untrue: it certainly can be met if we go down the renewables route.”


He said nuclear power was hugely expensive and he pointed to “unresolved” problems over waste. “We need nuclear like a hole in the head,” he warned. “The fact is, the 21st century, in the end, is going to be powered by solar.”

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  1. I couldn’t agree more, Blair really does seem to have his head buried in the sand this time. Here’s hoping that we, the British public, can turn it around before he wins too many hearts and minds. Say No to Nuclear!