Daily archives: November 28, 2005

No choice over nuclear – Beckett

Nuclear power may have to be embraced in a bid to combat climate change even though it is not a “sustainable” energy source, Margaret Beckett has admitted.

The environment secretary said she was very reluctant to build new nuclear power stations, but that she had “accepted that it could happen”.

But Mrs Beckett said any investment in nuclear must not be at the expense of renewable energy sources.

I don’t know. I just think there’s a lack of imagination from the Government. They can only think in terms of big fixes, building more power stations to take up the increase in demand rather than thinking about cutting the demand. Higher energy efficiency standards for new homes and increased grants for people installing solar and wind systems should be considered well ahead of building any new nuclear, (clean) coal or oil power stations.

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What would Jesus shoplift?

More than 3.5 million people have admitted shoplifting in the past five years, according to new research. What do they take?

That’s £13million worth of thefts, which is probably less than an average Saturday’s profit. What do they take? “Top of the list are razor blades, according to the research. Followed by cosmetics, alcohol, toiletries, lingerie, CDs and DVDs.”

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harry potter and the hypocritical bloodsport

I haven’t read the books, so this might be addressed in them. We saw the latest potter film last wednesday. It was good, an enjoyable adventure. But one thing struck me as either dumb or hypocritical.
It’s accepted that the tri-wizard cup is potentially fatal, and practically everyone cheers this fact. Yet, when someone is killed they’re all shocked. Why would it be okay for young diggery, or any of the other contestants or bystanders, to be killed or injured so long as it’s the ministry of wizards doing it? (bear in mind that when the body turns up at the grandstand noone knows that lord vol au vent is to blame. As far as they know it’s a sporting injury.)