What would Jesus shoplift?

More than 3.5 million people have admitted shoplifting in the past five years, according to new research. What do they take?

That’s £13million worth of thefts, which is probably less than an average Saturday’s profit. What do they take? “Top of the list are razor blades, according to the research. Followed by cosmetics, alcohol, toiletries, lingerie, CDs and DVDs.”

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0 thoughts on “What would Jesus shoplift?

  • ian j

    as long as they don’t unite and take over the world, i’d rather morrissey wasn’t some later day nostradamus

  • ian j

    jesus would probably shop lift a new set of sushi knives, in case he has to feed 5000 people with just a few loaves and fishes again …. well you’d have to cut the fish a bit thinly wouldn’t you….