Renault FT 17s in Afghanistan

This review of the new HaT models of the Renault FT 17 WW1 tank mentions that a couple were recently found in Afghanistan by US troops. I had visions of the little beasts puttering around the streets of Kabul with Talibanis in them, but the truth is they were found in a field of scrap.

One or both of the tanks were sent back to the States to be restored and displayed. I think the discovery of the little treasures amidst so much rubbish is worthy of a diorama. It would probably require the more detailed RPM versions (1, 2) and could utilise Preiser’s modern US infantry.

More information on the find, and other Afghan FT 17s here (bottom of the page, but the other stuff’s interesting as well.

Some FT 17 photo reference

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