Wigan Model Railway Exhibition

Dad and I attended this yesterday. Click on the image above to go to the gallery. I managed to distill the photos I took down to 66 worth putting up. I still have a little to learn about taking close up shots with my new camera. I couldn’t remember which layouts some of the photos were of, so if you were there and can help out, please leave a comment updating me.

There were a lot of modern image layouts in OO, which Dad wasn’t so happy about and nothing, as far as I can remember, set in the period he’s doing his layout in (late 40s/ early 50s). The trend interests me because I have a few ideas for products that will fit into the modern era quite well.

There’s not a lot of rolling stock, proportionally, in my pictures. This reflects my interest in the architecture and characters. Any layout I made would be more of a large static diorama full of little vignettes.

I didn’t pick up much from the trade stands, mostly small detailing items and tools. Langley Models had a “pick ‘n mix” section that I delved into for a couple of white metal dogs and some other small items and Signs of the Times provided an RAF temporary hut and a pair of modern policemen. All of these items should soon be appearing in mini dioramas.

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