disneyland, narnia, former yugoslavia

It’s probably too easy to pick at the logic of children’s fiction, but i will any how.

In a world with so many sapient animals, is it right for the children to hunt deer? And what of any stags at court, surely their tacit approval of this activity makes them no better than slave owners- happy to allow the exploitation of ‘inferior’ members of their race. How did the beavers feel, watching the children of adam and eve walking around in fur coats?

It’s a problem with all anthropomorphism, not just narnia. If we imagine the creatures possess intelligence the equivalent of humans then we should consider how they would feel about humanity’s exploitation of other animals. Or we should expect them to remain shockingly beastly, but with added cunning. Does the intelligence to comprehend the impact of your actions automatically lead to the development of ‘morals’? Discuss.

I liked the way the opening scene was echoed in the final battle. Has there ever been one of these dual world stories where the humans come in and introduce modern tactics and adapt the fantastic creatures to suit? If not then it can join the long list of stories i should write one day.

Update Title taken from The Music That Nobody Likes by Carter USM. I like it so much that I’ve used it before. I also turned out to be The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe in an online quiz ages ago.

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  • Emma

    But if Humans feel they can hunt animals of “lesser intelegence” than themselves why shouldn’t the sapient animals in Narnia. Just because they are the same species would you expect the moral issues to do with hunting to change?