North West Locations

For home owning Spinneyhead readers- make a bit of money and get to see your house on screen.

North West Locations is the Premier online Film, TV, Commercials and Stills image library in the North of England. Our aim is to find the right location for your shoot and offer a tailor made service to ensure a smooth running process at each and every stage of production. The Library is designed to be user friendly and easy to search by location A – Z, region, town or city, location ID or by using our key word search for specific features you may require. Over the forthcoming months we are visiting potential locations across the region and working to ensure that the library has a diverse range of unique and interesting locations just waiting to be filmed.

North West Locations are actively seeking new locations for the library and would highly recommend those with a business or residential property interested in hiring it out to either contact us for more information or register your property now. We are interested in hearing from industrial, commercial or residential property agents, councils, hospital trusts, universities, churches, schools, historic houses and estates managers with locations to be included in the library.

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