Youth.SG at the 1st Asian Indoor Games

For those not quite clued into the extreme sports scene, let me give you a quick intro into the sports, well, at least those that were held in Suphanburi. The events are broadly divided into 3 disciplines, bike (BMX), inline (skates) and skateboard. Within each category, athletes are further sub-divided into ‘Park’ (where they are given one minute to do stunts around the whole stadium) and ‘Technical’ (where they do their tricks on selected parts of the stadium). Aside from these categories, there is also a ‘vert’ (which is also called a half-pipe because it looks like one) for the inliners’ vert event and a separate event for BMX bikers called ‘Flatland’, where atheletes do stunts on their bike by balancing on the bike, which is on the flat part of the stadium. Key is not to fall off the bike or let your feet touch the ground.