Ginger Snaps Unleashed

You really need to have seen Ginger Snaps to know what’s going on in this film. The earlier tale is referenced regularly throughout but without enough explanation.

That said, Unleashed still functions well as a different take on the werewolf genre. Brigitte is hiding out in a small town, reading up on blood infections and injecting Monkshood to keep her lupine infection at bay. After overdosing she ends up in a rehab centre populated, and run, by a collection of freaks.

Brigitte has problems. Without, and eventually despite, the Monkshood she is beginning to turn. And she’s being tracked by an amorous male werewolf. Eventually, with the help of the scary little girl known as Ghost, she escapes. But that isn’t to be the end of her problems.

In the midst of selfish addicts and a porter who can supply anything for sexual favours, the increasingly lupine Brigitte remains the most human character. It’s impossible to avoid the conclusion that even if she can sescape the madhouse and her would be mate she’s still damned.

The prosthetic effects are very good, making the animatronic werewolf a disappointment when it turns up. There could have been a better explanation of what had gone before and the jump cuts to mauled bodies- real and imaginary- were overplayed.

Overall it’s nicely gruesome, but you should watch Ginger Snaps first to fully appreciate this.

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