New Year blogging resolutions

Over at Problogger Darren has opened the comments section for fellow bloggers to outline their plans/ resolutions for the New Year. I accidentally spread mine over two comments, and thought they should be reprinted here so you can catch me out on them this time next year-

Maintain the gradient of my earnings trendline. The numbers under the trendline are still quite low- a 30 day average of $2 a day across all income streams and all blogs- but the gradient is nearly 1 in 3 so if I can maintain that I’ll be making a (low) living wage by Easter.

I have a few projects lined up for the niche blogs to create original content and set them apart. I doubt I’ll get them all done, but they are-

Build a bike (or recumbent trike, I just bought some cheap plans for one) for the cycling blog-

Get a crop from the allotment for the gardening blog-

Build lots of models for the modelling blog-

Make some videos for the extreme sports blog-

And write a novel.

I also want to get a lot more contributors for my global blog Spinneyworld.

It’s a lot of stuff to do whilst keeping up with all the relevant news and doing a day job, but I’d rather aim high.

I think I ought to add- as people were asking about them this morning- attempt to complete more of the tasks in my Hundred Things list.

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