Fast Tiger

It’s taken me longer to edit and upload this video than it did to make the model.

Last November there was a rash of timelapse videos of artists at work. I thought they were cool, and I decided I should do the same with a model.

Obviously, I couldn’t do a really detailed model, and I’d be putting it together so quickly that I didn’t want to waste money on something grand. I settled on the Airfix Tiger tank.

Neither my new digital camera or video camera has a timelapse feature, so I had to improvise. I set the delay on the camera to ten seconds and had it take two pictures. This gave me enough time after pressing the shutter to pick up where I had left off and get some more painting or construction done before being photographed. The total build lasted about two hours. To put the model together in such a basic way would have taken an hour without the photography.

There were almost four hundred pictures in total and I stitched them together at two frames per image and uploaded the result to Revver. Enjoy.

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