And now we go over to the one hundred metre turd hurdling

The 2012 Olympics could be spoiled by sewage overflowing from London’s drains.

The Olympics site is close to the biggest sewage overflow pumping station in London. The tideway group warned last November that there was currently a 100% chance of sewage overflows in the area between May and October.

To cope with the problem the tideway group recommended that the government build a £1.7bn “super sewer” under the Thames, stretching 22 miles from Hammersmith to Barking.

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  • ikl

    Thames Water have been working on this for quite a few years. Its not just the drains though – where do the drains lead? When I was working at Mogden STW it was being vastly expanded so it could handle more waste as was Maple Lodge and a few others. I think Beckton STW is being completely rebuilt.

    To be honest… it’s not that bad a problem in the short to medium term – that’s why all the sewage treatment works are being upgraded now. As I was aware the storm drains are the next thing to be examined. Sewage currently only flows into the streets after heavy rainfall (and if they haven’t been quick enough to open the emergency valve to ofload it straight into the River Thames unprocessed!).