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Guess who'll pay extra for nuclear power?

The Green Party has warned that electricity bills will have to go up if the government builds a new generation of nuclear power stations. This shouldn’t surprise many people, and Tony Blair is bound to ignore any such evidence now that he’s decided to go ahead no matter what.

Green Party principal speaker Caroline Lucas MEP said: “Tony Blair is determined to push this country down the nuclear route, based on two arguments: guaranteeing affordable energy supply, and reducing carbon emissions.

“The Alternative Energy Review proves what anti-nuclear campaigners have long suspected – that, even using these criteria, nuclear power is the inferior choice.

“It shows that a twin-pronged investment in renewable alternatives and energy efficiency and conservation measures will not only deliver greater emissions reductions than nuclear power, it will deliver them more cheaply, and all without the huge safety risks inherent in the nuclear option.”

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If you don't slow down you're gonna crash

This video was put together by a bunch of students wanting to protest the US’ 55mph speed limit. All it does is reinforce my feeling that far too many drivers are arrogant idiots who believe it’s their right to break the law. They got a car into each lane of a four lane highway and drove at the speed limit, watching as traffic backed up behind them. Some of them even had to pretend to be on their mobile phones(!!!????) to avoid confronations with other drivers.

They want the speed limit raised to 70. Someone should tell them they could do the same thing over here at that (legal) speed and get the same effect.

via Jaloponik

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The Spinneyhead guide to spotting people who shouldn't be allowed to have children, part 3524

They buy books like this. Anyone who buys a parents’ guide to preventing homosexuality is such a pathetic bigot that they should be neutered and have any children they’ve already produced taken from them and put up for adoption specifically by a gay couple.

Found via this post on Pomomusings

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Small zone comic printing

Smallzone comic shop have teamed up with Warpton printing to offer a service for British small press comic publishers- special deals on printing providing they format their book for “UK Comic size”. The new UK format is 160 mm x 245mm OR 6.20″ by 9.60″, slightly smaller than the standard US comics size of 168 mm x 260 mm (6.625″ x 10.25″)

I wish there had been services like this for me a decade ago when I was trying to get the Prince’s Trust to fund a comic I wrote.

via BugPowder

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The Government almost catches up with reality

“Ambitious” green building regulations unveiled by the Government last year have drawn so much scorn that they’ve gone back to the drawing board and come back with something more useful. Of course, they’re too wimpy to apply them to new private builds, but it’s a start.

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Smurfing and other laundry methods

No-one can yet decide just how much cash was stolen in the robbery in Kent, but the Telegraph and the Times have started coinsidering the many ways in which the money can be successfully redistributed.

Smurfing involves breaking the haul down into smaller chunks and giving it to lesser criminals who then open their own bank accounts with it. But any large scale laundering is bound to be hard to do. The Times also suggests heading for the Balkans or somewhere else where bribery of officials is easier. The Telegraph hints at my idea, which would be to buy £20 million worth of cocaine and let the Colombians worry about dealing with the cash.

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Don't let Britain devolve

Anti-science is invading the British education system. A growing number of science students at universities and sixth forms believe in Creationism. The good news is that many are failing exams because they quote the Bible or Qu’ran as scientific fact. In response to calls for creationism/ intelligent design to be taught as science the Royal Society will hold a talk in April entitled Why Creationism is Wrong. The award-winning geneticist and author Steve Jones will deliver the lecture and challenge creationists, Christian and Islamic, to argue their case rationally at the event.

For some schools it’s too late.

Very few people seem to be coming back with the logical response to this trend- teach creationism where it belongs, in religious studies along with all the other creation myths.

via Gooseania, where Craig reported on his visit to a creationist’s talk at Manchester University.

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