Daily archives: February 2, 2006

Additions to Spinneyhead's little garage

I’ve acquired a few small Fords in the last week, all in 1:76th scale. First up is the Corgi Trackside Ford Transit which I found in the model shop on Saturday. It comes with a ticket declaring it to be number 3406 of 4000, which makes me think twice about doing anything to it. However, I also bought a tub of the MIG Productions Standard Rust pigment and this seems like a perfect candidate for rusting and weathering.

Next up are the Ford Model Y and Pop from John Day. They’re cast whitemetal kits intended for model railways, but my plans are to customise them. The bodies are clean with minor flash around the windows and mould lines on the lower edges that will only need a little cleaning up. The close up shots make the surface look pitted, but this will disappear with a coat of primer and a bit of buffing. Sprayed with car paint and with a few details picked out, these would look good on a 30-40s (Y) or 50s (Pop) layout.

Interior detail is minimal and the underbodies are a bit plain. The Y has a driver figure but, well, he looks like the elephant man. For my customs I’m going to try to build new chassis for them and fit new seats, steering wheels etc. but for their intended use these are minor quibbles.

I’d recommend these models for the period railway modeller. How they’ll suit my slightly mad hot-rodding plans remains to be seen.

You can get a list of John Day’s products by sending a stamped addressed envelope to John Day, 104 St. Peter’s Close, Moreton-on-Lugg, Hereford, HR4 8DW. Mention that you read about him on spinneyhead.co.uk/Scale

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Quiet Revolution wind turbines

Quiet Revolution wind turbines are vertical and rather gorgeous to look at. Virtually silent and vibration free, they are ideally suited to both urban sites and exposed locations, they can also become billboards using LEDs embedded in the blades. The first installation is due for later this year, on a roundabout.

via Treehugger

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Sustainable Sex Toys

I don’t think the Sex Toy design list had a requirement for the device to be environmentally friendly. Treehugger has a post on greening your bedroom exploits and, considering the horrible chemicals some sex toys can leach– particularly in contact with lipids and the like- you know it makes sense to save up for that glass dildo.

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The Rotating Cylinder Valve engine

RCV engines, developed by a British company, offer two-stroke power with four-stroke efficiency and cleanliness for engines up to 250cc. They are also well suited to alternative fuels such as kerosene and bio-fuels. Widespread adoption of the technology could take the edge off increased demand for scooters and small motorbikes in China and India and make suburban mowers and leaf blowers cleaner.

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….And they could make more economical cars and people could stop driving so much

Let’s face it, it’s impossible to believe anything GW Bush says. He goes on about the US’ addiction to petrol and touts ethanol from grass as a possible saviour, but doesn’t have the guts to suggest that Americans walk to the shops or buy more economic cars.

Related The Times on Brazil’s ethanol economy.

Unsurprisingly, the promises don’t bear up to scrutiny.

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