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Of course they're gay! They're pink!

Carlos and Fernando are male flamingos at the Slimbridge wildfowl reserve in Gloucestershire. They’re inseperable, performing mating dances every year and raising chicks.

“They have been known to fight the heterosexual birds and steal their eggs. There is usually a ‘handbags-at-10 yards’ moment where they scrap with the couple before stealing the egg.

“They are very good parents though and behave just as the heterosexual birds do when rearing their young.”

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Mighty Mice

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via a comment on this Treehugger post came a link to the Rocky Mountain Institute. The first entry under nuclear power is an article entitled Mighty Mice (pdf). The description reads-

The most powerful force resisting new nuclear may be a legion of small, fast and simple microgeneration and efficiency projects. In this guest article in the UK-published Nuclear Engineering International, Amory Lovins explains to the industry who its most formidable competitors are: not central coal- or gas-fired power plants, but micropower and efficient use. These are already adding more than ten times as much global capacity per year, and, being much cheaper, provide more climate solution per dollar and per year. (29 December 2005).

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Soap for Sore Eyes

We’ve been living without TV since September. It’s really easy, providing you have a way to play DVDs and a radio (broadband also helps a lot). Christopher Westley and his family gave up the goggle box in 1995 and haven’t regretted it.

I’ll tell you in nine and a half years if we can manage to last so long.

(Ned’s Atomic Dustbin- Kill Your Television)

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