Daily archives: February 7, 2006

Out of the rat race and under a green roof

Leonie Davies, a former department head with the investment bankers J P Morgan, finalised her divorce, quit her job and left London for Norfolk. There she spent four years and £400,000 building her dream eco-house. The green roofed, earth sheltered geothermally heated building has set her back more than planned, but she’s glad to be away from the city and its skewed priorities.

“I was paying a huge mortgage so that I could have a home close to my office, where I was working so that I could afford the huge mortgage on my home. I realised just how crazy that was.”

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men are what?

men are what?
men are what?,
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I translate this as “i’m feeling insecure.” whichever sad little copywriter came up with it should get some therapy rather than announcing his issues in foot high letters.

It doesn’t so much offend me as make me pity the fool who thinks they can sell cars by appealing to some outdated idea of masculinity.

Update It seems this is related to an equally idiotic TV ad campaign. I’m so glad we don’t have a TV.

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bike to work day

Hopefully the first of many more. The only problem (apart from the usual one of drivers being on my road and slowing me down) is that the chain slips on the fifth cog. It’s probably a wear issueas that bog was part of my old favourite ratio. The new chain hasn’t worn down in sympathy to fit the hook shape. So i’m working with the ratios one higher and one lower than i’m used to, so my legs are spinning wildly or grinding harder than they’d prefer.
I’ll get used to it, the important thing is that i’m back on my bike. When i start working from home i’ll have to make up random reasons to go for rides.