men are what?

men are what?
men are what?,
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I translate this as “i’m feeling insecure.” whichever sad little copywriter came up with it should get some therapy rather than announcing his issues in foot high letters.

It doesn’t so much offend me as make me pity the fool who thinks they can sell cars by appealing to some outdated idea of masculinity.

Update It seems this is related to an equally idiotic TV ad campaign. I’m so glad we don’t have a TV.

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0 thoughts on “men are what?

  • Ian

    Not what I was going to say, but it is true.

    Check out the next post up and you’ll find that real men wear tight white briefs (according to a man who sells tight white briefs for a living).

    You don’t need a car to prove your masculinity, or anything else, that’s for sure.