to do

I resisted making any new year resolutions or proclaiming anything on the most depressing day. But i think there’s definitely room for a list of things i’d like to achieve in the next year or two-
work from home. The blogs are part of this plan, but i have a few other ideas to work on.
Build a bike. The phoenix project on my commuter was very satisfying, but i’ve been looking at plans for recumbent bikes and i want to build one of them.
Get a workshop. I’m going to need one to build a bike, and i have other projects in mind that would require work space.
Get a crop from the allotment. Not that hard really, even with the little time i’ve been devoting to it so far.
Move to a bigger place. With a garden, because our next move will probably be away from the allotment, and maybe a garage that i can turn into a workshop.
Do a web comic that doesn’t miss so many update deadlines. I have a few planned, but i’m going to resist rolling them out until the story lines are nearly done.
Leave the country. Even if it’s only for a weekend. I would like to go to the angouleme comic festival next year.
Cycle at least fifty miles a week. As i ride ten miles every time i bike to work that should be easy.
Write a book. I’d particularly like to write a wildly popular children’s book and retire on the proceeds.
More to follow as i think of them.