No New Nuclear petition

Tim Farron – Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament for Westmorland and Lonsdale (in Cumbria) has added his support to this petition and added his signature to the hundreds already on the paper version

To: Prime Minister of the UK

We petition the Prime Minister of the UK to the effect that we do not want any new Nuclear Power Stations, because nuclear power:

* facilitates proliferation of nuclear weapons worldwide and endangers our security
* amasses vast amounts of waste, which remains lethal for 100,000s years
* has an exorbitant cost and is not carbon free
* will not provide the answer to climate change
* has left a lethal legacy of tens of thousands abandoned uranium mines on the land of indigenous people worldwide

The Navajo say “water is life” (
What is the point of being able to switch the light on if you cannot drink the water?

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