My attempt to look all professional at the blog meet with my tripod failed when I couldn’t get the timer on my camera to work. But I got some pictures anyway.

It was cool to meet twenty odd other bloggers, and gratifying to the ego to get the occasional “Oh yes, I read Spinneyhead.” An attendance register was taken and hopefully someone will publish the full list for me to borrow so I can post it here and add everyone to the blogroll.

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0 thoughts on “Blogmeet

  • Chern Jie

    Hi, didn’t get a chance to speak to you more. Just wanted to tell you that I’ve written a post with lotsa photos on my blog.

    (realised I needed to be more polite than brief)

  • Lisa Rullsenberg

    Howdy! Ah-ha! At last we get through the Firefox loving blockade on Internet Explorer and enter Spinney world!

    Nice to meet and sorry the timer delay on your camera was a bit bosted. At least you had a camera that worked: we bought two with us and spectacularly neither had fuctioning batteries on arrival.

    Lucky we had Chern Jie eh?!