Collector's items

I spent a while at Collectormania today, checkin g out the stalls and refusing to pay so much for an autograph.

If I had the budget and the space I could get into the whole collectibles thing, but I’d be too tempted to devalue them with conversions and paint jobs. This wouldn’t be so bad with the smaller gaming figures, but becomes a bad idea with anything over two inches tall.

A few interesting links from business cards and the like-

The Monster Company have a kits section.

Toystalker – to find those old kits you really need. The website’s a bit dire but they had enough interesting stuff on their stall that it may be worth getting in touch

Art Vandelay – not really modelling related, an importer of interesting sci-fi themed metal sculpture.

Not at the show, but from the copy of Model and Collector Mart that was thrust into my hands-

Axis and Allies – a skirmish level combat game of the second world war with some nice looking miniatures.

Gremlynz – imported and other figures and models.

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