Incomplete Manchester Blogger meetup listing

No-one’s published the full list for now, but I’ve managed to put this together from various sources-

Norm, of normblog; Chris, of Concious and Verbal; Kate, of If you’re sad and like beer…; Kate, of the Manchizzle; Tom, of tomsbomb; Clare, of Boob Pencil; Jonathon, of Crinklybee; Lisa, of Rullsenber Rules; Chern Jie, of Break of Information Overload; Abby, of Bonkworld; Wilson, of A Cloud in Trousers; Duncan, of Stripy T shirt; Rich of Lord Rich; Mike, of Me Me Me; Rob, of Eine Kleine Nichtmusik; Where Worlds Collide; and a few others I’ve yet to discover. I think I’ve blogrolled everyone. If you’re missing from this list or the one at the bottom of the page leave a comment and I’ll sort it out.

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