0 Responses to Compact- buy nothing new

  1. With average new US vehicle costs over a human lifetime now over $500,000 us, buying used makes more and more economics sense… go carfree or carless, if possible. If not go secand hand to save the thousands in new car depreciation costs…


    whether we drive big or small, a little or a lot or not at all…

    “Have you told the auto industry to make cleaner air vehicles? Recently?”
    are questions we all should be asking each other more often…

    … above all is the air … what goes around, comes around …

    Tell auto makers to make cleaner air vehicles… to save our breath, lives,
    money & planet…

    Help conservatives conserve:

    Toward a saner, greener and more peaceful future,
    Carlessnesshood 101 – Save Your Breath, Life, Money & Planet..