He who treats the database as a flat-file repository of data is doomed to burn in Hell. It's true, I asked.

Things Everyone in IT Should Know. I really do some of these things, which is surprising because I sometimes think of myself as an amateur who’s just waiting to be found out. I really need to learn this one though-

If the Solution Seems Too Simple, Use It

All this eventually breaks down to a 0 or a 1, true/false, left/right, up/down, black/white, whatever/whatever else. Most basic fact in the universe: is or isn’t.
So why do so many technologists opt for the cool, complicated, “only 10 people in the world…” solution? Because they’re stupid and they’re scared. Too stupid to appreciate the sophistication of simplicity; too scared that, if it’s that simple, anyone can do it. Juniors go complicated, seniors go sophisticated.

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