i really should be at home

Note This post was e-mailed from my phone at about half past three on Wednesday afternoon. The one below it was sent some time after that. Sometimes mobile e-mail is a little freaky like that.

I still haven’t been able to make changes to the database. It’s a ten minute job but i’ve now been waiting a day and a bit for people to get their arses in gear. I should be at home working on cool stuff.
For instance-
I’ve come up with an idea for a domestic rain water buffer. It would sit at the bottom of the downspout and hold water for its built in plant pot. The pots would reduce run off and improve air quality, and they could be made from mostly recycled items such as old car tires.
There are companies in the uk who will do 3d printing from supplied files. I need to look into this as a method for prototyping models and other stuff.