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Tree Blocks Elves wooden toys

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Intriguing and ethical toys for your little ones.

If you are looking for toys that will fire your child’s imagination and creativity then look no further than the TREE BLOCKS Elves toys, blocks, houses and furniture and the carefully selected range of other quality wooden toys.

The vision of the TREE BLOCKS Elves is to provide fun and learning oriented toys produced in a socially and ecologically responsible way.Maths Set

The TREE BLOCKS Elves take nature and the environment very serious and for example ensure no living tree is damaged when making any Tree House, using the discards of orchard trees and managed paper forests. They also ensure all other products sold conform to the strictest of European environmental requirements.

In relation to the TREE BLOCKS Elves own Tree Houses, Apple Cherry, Hazelnut and other orchard trees that have been abandoned or are near the end of a productive cycle are located by the TREE BLOCKS Elves. They then push the old trees over, thereby removing the roots and haul them away to make more Tree Houses. This leaves the farmer clean soil, so he can be back into production.

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Rugby Central Railway Station

A few weeks ago I came across some construction plans for the former Rugby Central railway station. I’ve scaled them down to 1:76th scale and have started to recreate the station building using pieces of foamboard.

Old Rugby Central Station Photo

Photo of my ‘work in progress’ model


The full size plans can be found here if anyone fancies having a go themselves.

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Slow Blog day

Is it me, or is the world less interesting today than it was yesterday?

I scan the same set of feeds every day. Yesterday I found twenty or so things to post about, today- four. And it’s raining, so my planned trip to the allotment is off.

Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to look for jobs and design some flyers.

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Eeeew! Hickies!

New guidelines for teachers could mean the end of romantic scenes in school plays.

But Margaret Higgins, of the National Association for the Teaching of Drama told the Times Educational Supplement: “You can’t just cut out scenes like the kiss in Romeo and Juliet.

“It is a crucial moment. If this isn’t fit subject matter for children, perhaps they should put on EastEnders after the watershed.”

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Want free porn? Get elected

Every month, free of charge, all 535 members of the US Congress get the latest edition of Hustler. Most of them, foolishly, file it in the bin. Some have even taken legal measure to stop their supply of free smut.

Larry Flynt started the mailings in 1974 (or 1983, depending on which source you believe) because he felt the Congresscritters ” should be informed with what’s going on in the rest of the world,”

If you’re in the Washington area, you might want to go through Congress’ trash-

Rep. Jim Matheson, D-Utah, says it is offensive that his staffers have to see the publication when opening the mail.

“It’s immediately deposited in an outside trash bin, so no one else has to be offended by it,” Matheson says. “It’s insulting behavior on the part of the publisher, but not surprising.”