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Salford Quays (and Shudehill) photo trip

Actually, the Shudehill photos were taken on Saturday, but I’ll include them here because I’ve just uploaded them.

I realised that I wasn’t going to hit my 50 miles a week cycling target if I didn’t go out for a ride on Sunday. So I headed out to the Quays to meet my sister and take a few shots. Loaded down with three cameras (1 digital, 1 SLR, 1 APS) and a tripod I safely navigated the Mancunian Way and parked up outside the War Museum, meeting Jo on the bridge.

The bridge is photogenic, and frames the War Museum rather nicely. But there’s a sign (“No pleasure craft beyond this point”) that spoils all the best views. I took a photo anyway.

At this point the trip nearly came to a halt when we spotted a severed leg floating in the Quays. It freaked us out for a while as we watched it and came to the conclusion it was from a mannequin.

Putting the shivers aside we walked toward the water sports centre and photographed egotastic architecture, anti aircraft guns and swans.

I took the same photo a few times on the three different cameras, courtesy of the tripod allowing a fixed position, for a comparison of the technologies’ qualities. But I haven’t had the SLR’s film developed yet, so you can’t see them. Shortly after this the digital’s batteries failed and the replacement set proved to be flat as well. Consequently I used up a whole roll of APS, but I’m saving most of those for the upcoming resurrection of Discontinuous Infill.

Most of them. You can have this bovine shot for now.

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It's pronounced "nu-cle-ar" jackass!

insultthepresident.com “Because Everybody Deserves An FBI File”.

Okay, here is what happens. We write an insult, or you type in your own insult, and we (1) post it to the website for others to read, (2) send a physical letter of your insult to the President, and (3) mail you a copy of the letter with a certificate of authenticity, suitable for framing. That way when someone comes into your cubicle/home and sees a certificate that says,

“On April 10, 2006, Mary Smith told the President of the United States, ‘I’ve got things growing in my refrigerator that make better foreign policy decisions than you!'”

and they ask, “Did you really send a letter to the President that said that?” you can say, “YES I DID!” Sure, lots of people talk about disliking the President and his policies, but you TOLD HIM. Let the flame letters begin.

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