Salford Quays (and Shudehill) photo trip

Actually, the Shudehill photos were taken on Saturday, but I’ll include them here because I’ve just uploaded them.

I realised that I wasn’t going to hit my 50 miles a week cycling target if I didn’t go out for a ride on Sunday. So I headed out to the Quays to meet my sister and take a few shots. Loaded down with three cameras (1 digital, 1 SLR, 1 APS) and a tripod I safely navigated the Mancunian Way and parked up outside the War Museum, meeting Jo on the bridge.

The bridge is photogenic, and frames the War Museum rather nicely. But there’s a sign (“No pleasure craft beyond this point”) that spoils all the best views. I took a photo anyway.

At this point the trip nearly came to a halt when we spotted a severed leg floating in the Quays. It freaked us out for a while as we watched it and came to the conclusion it was from a mannequin.

Putting the shivers aside we walked toward the water sports centre and photographed egotastic architecture, anti aircraft guns and swans.

I took the same photo a few times on the three different cameras, courtesy of the tripod allowing a fixed position, for a comparison of the technologies’ qualities. But I haven’t had the SLR’s film developed yet, so you can’t see them. Shortly after this the digital’s batteries failed and the replacement set proved to be flat as well. Consequently I used up a whole roll of APS, but I’m saving most of those for the upcoming resurrection of Discontinuous Infill.

Most of them. You can have this bovine shot for now.

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