Comet Skateboards- eco friendly decks

Crossing over with How to Save the World for Free we have Comet skateboards, a company that makes its boards from renewable materials and is working with other companies to develop bio based epoxies to laminate the layers that go into a deck.

Low VOC Coatings

We at COMET can name lots of ways to get a head rush, sniffing our freshly opened boards is not one of them. We use all water based low VOC coatings. Most paints and laquers contain up to 65% solvents by volume which results in several million tons of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) being released into the atmosphere every year. VOCs accelerate the effects of global warming and are extremely dangerous to workers. Several companies world-wide are working to stop the use of these unnecessary compounds. COMET is one of them. Check for a different smell when you open your COMET board. (Those of you who like the smell of solvents, don’t worry, we are still down with a can of spray paint).

via Sustainablog